Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Checking In

Yes, I know.  I am way behind in posting.  It's been crazy lately, and I'm not feeling too swift.  Terrible actually.  I am so tired I could cry, but then that would require energy I just don't have to spare right now ... even though tears do seem to fall without effort lately.  The best way I know how to explain the tiredness is it's hard to breathe.  I have to be careful how I state that because the last time I was in the hospital and I told the neurology class ... yes, I did say class ... it was hard to breathe, they wanted to hook me up to machines and do a ton of unnecessary test.

That whole hospital stay was an experience I could write a book about.  Because I was in a teaching hospital and my disease is still classified as "rare", I became the neurology class project that week.  Since I was also receiving plasma pharesis due to CIDP, I became the nephrology class project also.  Then there was the general medical doctor that came to see me each day, plus the surgical follow-up visit to check the perma-cath sticking out of the side of my neck.  I saw no less than 35 doctors a day.  I was so tired of being poked, prodded and hit with the little rubber hammer by the time I went home.

How did I get on that?

Oh, yes, it's hard to breathe.

I am having muscle spasms that feel like "Charlie horses" all over my body.  My body is so sore from my muscles contracting I feel like I've been in a car wreck.  I have no idea why it is happening, but I desperately want it to stop.  I started a mild muscle relaxer this weekend.  It's helping some.  I just wish they would stop.

I am keeping up with my "366 Days of Gratefulness" on paper.  I hope to soon get each day posted.  I would just write them in a bullet list, but there are some I have much to expand on.  When I said things have been crazy, I meant it.  I way over did it this past week.

I am glad I did though.  I wouldn't have wanted to have missed any of it.  I've always said I would rather have one really good day that takes me a week to recoup from, than to have every day be bland at best.

I hope tomorrow to start chipping away at the list of post I have to do ... if my fingers will cooperate ... a.k.a. stop burning and cramping.

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  1. Oh my, Robin, I am feeling for you...I didn't know you had such a painful illness. I love how you are writing right through your pain and being grateful...that must be Jesus for sure...:) Prayers, cj