Wednesday, March 21, 2012

366 Days of Gratefulness ~ Day 70

"The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps." ~ Proverbs 16:9
Monday began week 2 of Spring Break for my clan.  Hannah and I had plans to spend the night with my friend Connie.  Nathan was going to drive halfway for us to meet her and come back the next day to get us.  Hannah and Connie's youngest are big buddies, and they have been itching to see each other ... not to mention so were Connie and I.  It didn't work out though.  The night before we were supposed to go, Connie's daughter came home from church with a cough and low grade temp.  At the time we thought maybe it would be okay.  There was a chance it could just be allergies.  After consulting with Darryl, he thought it would be okay for us to still go as long as I kept my hands washed and she didn't cough on me, but by morning Jenn had gotten super sick.  Not only did she need the rest, but it was clear it wasn't an option for me to be around her at that point.

We were all so disappointed.  Well, Jenn didn't know we were even coming because Hannah wanted to surprise her, but the rest of us were sad Jenn was sick and our overnight visit was canceled.

I really wanted to go.  I miss Connie so much!!  However, I probably should have not even made plans to go at that time anyway.  I had just gotten over the last upper respiratory infection I had, and I still felt like the life had been knocked out of me.  I thought I would be okay though.  All I would be doing is basically moving from my couch to hers.  But we probably would have stayed up way late talking, not to mention just riding in the van makes me hurt more.  It would have been wiser for me to stay home, but I miss Connie so much I didn't even think about what was best for me at that point.  When she told me Jenn was sick and it was "ify" for me to go, I had still planned to go.  I am grateful the Lord made it clear to us it wasn't wise for me to go at all.  I am so bull headed, I would have gone ahead otherwise.

I am grateful the Lord sees our needs when we don't, and He protects us from ourselves when we think we can handle things.  I hate it Jenn was sick, but had I gone even is she had been well, I probably would have ended up making myself sick again just from the lack of rest.  I needed to have waited to make plans to go when I was farther past getting over the respiratory infection I just had the week prior.

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