Thursday, March 8, 2012

366 Days of Gratefulness ~ Day 66

I have had to deal with my insurance company a lot over the past 4 years.  Soon after getting sick, Blue Cross assigned me a case manger.  I have been through 3 of them and am now currently assigned to number 4 ... Angie.  She calls at least once a month, sometimes more often, about approving homehealth visits and she helps out with prior approvals for test or consults.  She is so sweet and helpful.

She called yesterday to check in and let me know she had approved more homehealth visits for me.  I realized just how blessed I am to have someone within my insurance company to help me navigate through all the hoops and red tape easily.  It's not easy.  It can be confusing and if it's not done just so, you can be almost certain they are going to deny it.  Since I've been assigned to Angie things have gone much smoother.  She actually takes the time to understand why we are asking for prior authorization for something.  She doesn't just look at a sheet of paper and make her decision from that.

I realize not everyone has that and I am so grateful I do.  It's not always been this easy for me, and I am very grateful it is now.  I'm hoping I stay assigned to her for a long time.

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