Tuesday, January 17, 2012

366 Days of Gratefulness ~ Day 16

Well, IT'S A BOY!!

No, I am not having a baby, but my best friend, Robyn, is.  She's expecting baby #3 in June and found out yesterday afternoon she's having another boy.  I am so, so excited for Robyn and Randy.

I wrote here about how Robyn struggled for 11 years to have a baby and was told it was not possible.  She now has a 4 year old and a soon to be 3 year old little boys.  Daniel and Joseph are the most precious little boys.

They are miracles.

There is so much about Robyn's story to be grateful.  When I think about how the past 15 years have been for her tears start to flow.  She was told there was no hope in ever having a baby, and today she says prayers every night with two little boys as she carries their little brother in her tummy.

I cannot even find the words to explain my gratefulness to the Lord for giving me a front row seat to the miracles He has given her.  It has been such an honor and joy to watch everything that has unfolded of the past 5 years.  My heart just leaps with joy.

I can hardly wait until June when I get to hold miracle #3 ... who I happen to think will be named Samuel.  No, Robyn and Randy have not named him that ... not yet anyway.  But Daniel and Joseph are calling him that for some reason.

I think it should stick! : )

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