Friday, January 13, 2012

366 Days of Gratefulness ~ Day 12

I am a day behind in my post.  Hopefully, I'll be able to write up today's tonight, and I'll be all caught up.

Yesterday was our Pastor's birthday.  What better time is there to let someone know how grateful you are for them than on their birthday?  I know we should tell them often, but a birthday just seems to be a moment you really shouldn't pass up.

I am grateful for Caleb.  He has been a huge blessing to me and to my family ... and to our church.  The more I know him, the more respect and love I have for him.

Caleb is one of the most transparent people I know.  He is so honest about his own sins and brave enough to share them.  When he preaches his sermons, he's preaching to himself as much as he is to all of us.  I tend to sit up straighter in my seat and take notes just as fast as I can when he's preaching because I know he's preaching from his heart.  He's not just mouthing the words.

He is such an encourager to me.  He shows up when I'm in the hospital, and he sits down and stays for awhile.  He stays for awhile, he doesn't just cruise in and out, and he never leaves without praying with me.  He calls just to check on me, and there have been numerous times he's sent me a text full of scripture to encourage me.  Then there have been many times he's come by the house to visit with us, pray with us and just let us know he's willing to help us any way he can.

I am full of questions.  I seem to have an endless supply of them, and I'm not real shy when it comes to asking them.  Bless his heart, I know there must be times he thinks, "here we go again".  He always answers my questions.  If he doesn't know the answer, he's honest about it and will find out the answer.  He doesn't claim to "know it all".  That's one more reason why I respect him.

There are so many more reason why I am grateful for Caleb, but it all boils down to one thing ... His love for Christ and his desire for others to know him to.  That's the foundation of who he is.

I am grateful that Caleb was sent to our church, and I have the privilege of sitting under his teaching.


  1. Robin, What a sweet testimony about your pastor. Being a pastor's wife, I know how hard it is to see to everyone's needs in the church! Your pastor sounds like a wonderful man and I know your church has been blessed by him!