Friday, January 6, 2012

366 Days of Gratefulness ~ Day 6

I realized earlier today that this is a leap year, so I had to adjust the number of days in my title.

Today I am grateful for "laughing gas".  I absolutely hate going to the dentist.  Just getting my teeth cleaned weirds me out, but when I have to have any sort of dental work done I am terrified.  Today I had to have a couple of fillings done, and by the time they called me back and got me settled in the chair, I was almost in tears.  I am grateful we have the sweetest dentist and his office staff is just the best.  I highly recommend them to anyone.  I have recommended them many times and will continue to do so, but I hate going.  If they weren't so sweet and so good at what they do, I'd probably never go.  Today was not pleasant.  I don't know why, but for some reason I don't think I was breathing the gas in deep enough, and I could feel myself going into a full blown panic.  Thankfully they picked up on it, and he would pause and tell me to breathe in the gas for a little bit.  Poor guy.  He certainly earns his pay with me.  Bless his heart, he never acts like he's one bit irritated with my fear or the fact I act like a big ole' baby.  And have I mentioned how sweet his staff is?!?!

I am very grateful for "laughing gas", but actually, I am even more grateful to have a dentist, and his staff, that are so wonderful at what they do.  And they do it with the sweetest, kindest spirits about them.

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