Saturday, January 14, 2012

366 Days of Gratefulness ~ Day 13

When Hannah was born, Sara was so excited to be a big sister.  From day one she was protective.  When other kids would come to visit she would tell them not to touch her head and not breathe in her face.  She wanted to hold her all of the time and wanted to help me take care of her.  She was so cute with her.  Then one day, she had had enough.  Hannah had the colic until she was 4 months old and she literally cried almost non-stop.  She would only sleep less than an hour at time most days, and we were all exhausted.  One afternoon I had just changed her diaper and left her laying in the floor while I ran to her room to get a clean outfit.  When I walked back into the livingroom Sara had her around the neck headed to the dryer!  Her reasoning, she wanted her to hush up because her crying was hurting her ears.  She heard someone say to me that I should put her on the dryer to see if that would help and thought they said in the dryer.  I think that may have been when she started thinking that having a baby sister wasn't all she thought it to be.

Sara and Hannah have the typical sister relationship.  They argue and tell on each other.  There has been screaming and hitting each other.  Nathan and I have been accused of loving the other one more and think the other can do no wrong.  They've each thought at one time or another the other one thinks she's a princess.

However, there have been those times when we get a glimpse of how much love they have for each other.  The older they get, the more I see it.  I miss the days when they would play with baby dolls together.  There would be baby dolls and all their accessories all over the house.  You couldn't walk in the hallway or even sit on the couch because they had stuff laid out everywhere.  Nathan and I loved hearing them play together.  Probably my favorite phrase of theirs was, "pretend like _____ (fill in the blank).  So, so cute!!

Over the past year or so, I've noticed they have started to enjoy being together again.  I have prayed they would one day become close friends.  I want them to grow up and love just being together.  There have been times I have wondered if that would ever happen, but I'm beginning to get hopeful that it is actually a possibility.  There are still times they fight like cats and dogs and act like they can't stand the sight of each other, but more and more I hear them giggling together.  They go out and eat together or just to run an errand for me.  They seem to want to be together more.  Well, except for the night they left all happy and best buds, and moments after leaving Sara pulls back in the driveway to drop Hannah off because she wouldn't stop messing with the radio.  I guess they were just keeping it real.

Today was one of those days where we saw a glimpse of how they really do love each other.  Sara was willing to let Hannah go to the movies with she and a friend.  She didn't even put up an argument.  Just before they left I heard Hannah tell her she would buy her snacks because Sara stays broke.  They were just really sweet to each other today.

I am so grateful for those times, even if it does only last for moments sometimes.  It wasn't all buttercups and butterflies between them today though.  They brought me back to reality that their perfect harmony was only temporary when Sara criticized Hannah's outfit and Hannah had a quick comeback for her.

But I'm still grateful for those sweet moments between them.

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  1. Sweet moments happen every day, don't they...but it isn't all "buttercups and buttterflies" glad you are keeping it real! Love your beautiful blog nest!