Monday, January 23, 2012

366 Days of Gratefulness ~ Day 22

On day 22 what am I grateful for ...

After church yesterday Connie and I surprised Mary with a birthday lunch.  Her birthday is actually at the end of December, but with sickness and the busyness of life, this was the first chance we had.  It was so fun trying to surprise her, and we were able pull it off without her having a clue.  We had such a sweet time just being together, laughing and sharing our hearts.

And Connie made this fabulous cake ...

She made a hummingbird cake.  It was so good!  I regret not bringing some of it home with me.

I am so grateful for our friendship.  I love Connie and Mary so much.  There are so dear to my heart, and I treasure our friendship more than words can express ... even if they are bossy big sisters. : )  I did write in Mary's card, "I love you more than Sonic cokes".  Maybe words can express how much I love them.

The three of us don't get to have much time together.  I hate it that Connie lives in another city now.  So when we do have the gift of being together, we soak in every single moment.

Since we were celebrating Mary's birthday ...

There are so many things I love about her, but if I had to name only one, it would be that she always points me to Jesus.  Always.  If I'm heartbroken ... she points me to the cross.  If I'm terrified ... she points me to Jesus.  If I'm joyous ... we are going to praise the Lord.  No matter the circumstance, to the cross we go.  She doesn't just point me to Jesus, she goes with me.

She is such a gift from the Lord Jesus to me.  I really do love her more than Sonic cokes.  I am so grateful to have her as my friend ... and as my sister.

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