Saturday, October 8, 2011

And The Fever Still Lingers On ...

I realize it's been awhile since I posted.  I've actually started several post but haven't finished any of them.  It's not that I don't have anything to say.  I always have something to say ... I actually have a tendency to say too much.  I just haven't felt well.  I am still running a fever off and on and by the time I sit at the computer working, my eyes are just too sore to do much more.

The fever is still somewhat of a mystery.  It began when I had strep.  I've had 3 rounds of antibiotics and it's still lingering around.  Other than a headache, fever and body aches from the fever, I have no symptoms.  My blood work is back to normal, except for my hemoglobin.  It seems to hover just below the normal line most of the time and will occasionally drop lower.  I'm tired.  More than usual it seems.  My pain level has also been a bit higher lately.  There is thought I've contacted some sort of virus that I just can't kick, but knowing all the risk with cellcept, there is a part of me that is concerned.  The fever has been around for almost a month now.  I've had a fever more days than not.  I see Dr. Peltier at Vanderbilt on Friday.  Maybe she will have some answers.  I'm hoping.

I am at home most of the time now.  I do get out in between breaks in the fever.  I've missed 2 Sundays and 2 weeks of bible study.  I also missed Grace group this week.  So imagine the space I'm in right now.  Not a good one.  I am praying I get to go to church tomorrow.  It may require me to break down and comply with one instruction Dr. Gaw has given me for the past 3 years ... one I have proclaimed I will never do.  I just may have to eat those words though.

I was able to make it to Bunco this past week.  I didn't have a fever for a little over 24 hrs, so I was determined I was going.  Our friend Sarah, who is teaching in South Korea right now, had come in to attend her brother's wedding.  We moved Bunco to this week so we could spend some time with her.  Since she was coming, our friend Rebecca, who moved to another city last year, drove up to visit also.  And Rebecca brought her new addition, Mary Katherine!  It was such a sweet, fun time to be together.  None of us wanted to leave.  I didn't get home until after 11p.m.

I LOVE these girls!!  I have said it so many times before, and I will say it many more times to come, I have the absolute best friends ever!  Each one of them in this picture has done, and continue to do, so much to help my family over the past 3 years.  They have all rolled up their sleeves and been the hands and feet of Jesus.  They have cooked us meals, cleaned my house, done my laundry, picked my girls up from school, taken me to doctors appointments, taken me for my treatments, stayed with me while Nathan worked when I can't be home alone, sat and held my hand while I've sobbed, brought me Sonic drinks, etc, etc, etc.  They are so precious and I love all of them so much!!  I look forward to being able to spend one night a month with them.  I've had so many people ask me what exactly is Bunco.  Well, it's a great reason to get together to eat and laugh. : )

Sarah was so sweet and brought us all gifts from Thailand and South Korea.  Isn't this beautiful?!?!

It's handmade ... and pink!  I love it!!

After Sarah let us all pick out what gift we wanted, she made the announcement she had a special gift for me.  These are what she pulled out of her bag ...

Dr. Gaw has told me for the past 3 years that I need to wear a mask during flu season.  I have always said I would never do that.  People look at you like you have some horrible disease that you might give to them.  Of course, as my friend Cheryl would say, at least it would keep them away from me.  Sarah had the idea that if she got me some that were cute, I might just wear them.  So she found some in pink!  They are washable and I can reuse them.  These may just be what is going to help me to not be homebound the entire Winter.

These mask represent much more than just that though.  The gifts that mean the most to me are those gifts that have been given much thought and the giver has put their heart into them.  How precious is it that Sarah thought of me while living on a whole other continent?!?  She cared enough to go looking for something that she knew would help me and was thoughtful enough to know pink is my favorite color.  She even made sure they would be reusable.

Sarah, thank you!  You are precious and I love you, friend!

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