Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Roybn!

When I entered the 5th grade I had to change schools.  I was so apprehensive about this school because there were things about it that were different than any other school I had attended.  I really didn't like it.  I dreaded going in the beginning, yet it turned out to be something that would change my life forever.

I met one of the best friends I would ever have.

Robyn and I prefer to say we met in the 5th grade rather than say we were 10 years old.  Somehow we tend to think it makes us sound younger.  She was in a different classroom than me, and I don't even remember how we started talking.  Probably the playground.  I had never met anyone with my name.  For years would argue back and forth over who spelled their name correctly.  She spells hers with a "y" and I spell mine with an "i".  When we would pass notes we always would underline the letter we thought was correct.

The older we got, the closer we became.  We loved having classes together, although our teachers weren't overjoyed to have us.  We always got in trouble for talking and giggling.  It was inevitable we would be separated within a couple of weeks after school started.  Our 9th grade algebra class we stayed in trouble.  Mrs. Reba Medley was our teacher and I can still here her voice telling us to be quite.  I always seemed to be the one who ended up in the hallway for talking though.  Robyn was just better at hiding and I was the loud mouth.

Our most memorable class was our senior year.  Economics with Mr. Eugene Hunter.  Oh my, the memories!  Green polyester pants, "Frank and Earnest" cartoons and overhead projectors.  We still laugh so hard to this day that we cry over the things that happened in that class.  I'm not so sure who was more amused, us or him.

Robyn and I have literally grown up together.  We have lived so much life together.  She's been such a joy to me.  She's loved me when I've been unlovable, been nonjudgmental when I've made terrible mistakes and has been quick to forgive when I've offended her.  She's been longsuffering and sacrificial when I've needed her the most.  The girl drops everything and drives 2 hours to see me when I'm in the hospital, and even when I've been so sick I could only visit no more than half an hour at a time, she still came.

She's one of the most compassionate, loving people I know.  She loves Jesus with all heart.  Even though we may have different theologies, we have the most important thing in common.  Jesus.  We know He died for our sins and paid our ransom, and we have the privilege of spending eternity together with Him.

Life has had a lot of twist and turns, yet through it all we've been side by side. She's been the keeper of my secrets and never broken my trust.  She's trusted me with her the most fragile parts of her heart.

She amazes me.  Her strength.  Her courage.  Her faith and trust she has in our Heavenly Father.

It's seems like we've always done everything together.  We met the love of our lives at the same time.  We were engaged within 8 days of each other, and married in the same month.  But starting our families at the same time wasn't God's plan.  Although she struggled with infertility, she sat on my hospital bed with the birth of each of my girls and held them with such joy.  She would often tell me she knew God was going to bless her with a child even though the doctors said it was impossible.  She never wavered in her faith, but I doubted it would ever happen.  Thirteen years, almost exactly to the day, after Sara was born I sat in her hospital room and cried while I held her miracle.  

This picture almost makes me heart burst with such joy!

Sixteen months later I got to hold her miracle number two.

Today is Robyn's birthday.  It's taken 38 days, but we are finally the same age again. : )


You are my dear friend that I treasure deep in my heart.  You have been such a sweet gift to me from the Lord Jesus.  You've been my encourager, my confident and the one to give me a swift kick in the rear when I've needed one.  I love you more than I can possibly wrap words around.  I can't imagine life without you even if we have to live two hours apart, and I'm so grateful we get to spend eternity together.  You can make me laugh harder than anyone else.  Our road trips are some of the best memories of my life.  Thank you for letting me sing to the top of my lungs even though I can't carry a tune, and for taking turns freaking out with me when we would get lost.  Thank you for making me laugh at something that would otherwise make cry.  For milking my chest tubes that time I had surgery.  For remembering when it's your turn to buy the snack and my turn to buy the drinks as we reach the checkout lane at Target.  For holding my hand and praying with me when I've been scared.  For pointing to my source of Hope when it seemed hopeless.  Thank you for just loving me.

Happy Birthday my precious friend.  I pray this next year is overfilled with blessings for you.  I love you.

p.s.  This is the last year we can honestly say we are 39. : )

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