Friday, August 26, 2011

Setting Some Things Straight

There seems to be a need to clarify some things concerning Sara.

It's been 10 days that Sara has had a migraine.  She has been miserable and very few things have given her very much relief at all.  Coming from her mama, who deals with migraines very often, it's so hard to see her suffering so much.  If you've ever had a migraine, you understand what I'm saying.  I wish I could take it away from her.

We have no idea what triggered her migraine.  She came home last Tuesday with a headache and it spiraled from there.  By Thursday night, she was begging to go to the ER it was hurting so bad.  Around 9:30 p.m. Nathan took her and she didn't get home until almost 3 a.m.  They gave her what is known as the "migraine cocktail", did blood work and did a CT scan.  Her blood work and CT scan were normal, and the meds dulled her headache enough she could get some sleep.  But when she woke up the next morning, the pain had increased once again.  We alternated Tylenol and ibuprofen and gave her phenagren for the nausea through the weekend and stayed in contact with our doctor.  Monday morning I took her in to see our family doctor.  She was given a couple of shots and we were instructed to bring her back in the next day if she still had the headache.  Tuesday afternoon we went back.  She was thoroughly examined.  Her neurological exam was normal.  I discussed with Dr. Richards a plan of action.  One of the issues is the meds given commonly for migraines are not recommended for those under the age of 18.  We discussed sending her to a neurologist.  None of them in town see pediatrics.  We would have to go to Vanderbilt or UT Hospital.  Getting an appointment will take some time.  Part of our hesitation with sending her at that point was some of the pedantic neurologist will give those meds given to adults.  One of my very best friends has a daughter who had meningitis a couple of years ago.  She was given the meds commonly given to adults for migraines and the side effects were horrible.  She was more miserable with the side effects than just trying to cope with the migraine.  We made the decision to give it a few more days, and change her diet.  We've eliminated caffeine, red meats and hard cheeses.  She was also given a nose spray in case she had some inflammation in her sinuses due to her allergies.  The only thing that has changed is she has been outside much more than usual due to being a football manager at school.  She's been doing this for months, but she's so allergic to so many things it is a possibility.  She does not have any drainage, cough or fever.  

Yesterday she thought her headache was manageable enough she could go to school, but she had to come home after 2 1/2 hours.  She said she's even having trouble "thinking".  Last night she said her headache was minimal, but she was weak and dizzy.  She had been dizzy the entire time, but more so last night.  She stayed home again today.

I've had many of you ask who is her doctor and what exactly is he doing about it?  I've also had a few of you all but make the accusation we are not doing enough for her.  Here's the deal folks.

Sara is being watched very closely.  No, I'm not taking her into the doctor's office every single day, but I don't have to.  Dr. Richards is one of our very best friends and we are communicating with him frequently every day.  He has also been to our house this week and will come at any time needed.  It takes time to get in to see a specialist.  If you've ever had to see one, you get it.  If her CT scan, neurological exam or blood work were abnormal, it would be different.  Her blood pressure isn't even high.  We don't want to give her meds that are going to harm her more.  Since her headache has not gone away, we most likely will be doing an MRI next week.  Had Nathan and I been insistent for her to have one, Darryl would have ordered one.  But we don't want her exposed to any more radiation than necessary.  A CT scan would have shown a bleed or a growth on her brain.  She has had migraines for a few years.  She's just never had one that has lasted this long.

I know some of you are well meaning with your questions and suggestions, but some of you not so much.  It makes me angry and is hurtful you would insinuate we are not concerned enough for our daughter, and we are not taking care of her.  We are very concerned about Sara and we want what is best for her.  Instead of being accusatory, I ask you spend your time and energy praying for her to have some relief and that we would have wisdom to know what to do for her next.  I welcome sincere concern and sincere suggestions.  If you are being anything other than that, I ask you keep  your opinions to yourself.

And yes, medical care is costly, but we would spend every penny we have, beg and borrow if we needed to, in order to have the best care for Sara.  Why anyone would suggest otherwise is beyond my comprehension.

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