Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Alex

This is Alex...

I'm rather attached to him.  We've had him since he was just 8 weeks old.  Hannah wanted a dog for her birthday.  We had to have a hypoallergenic dog because of Sara's allergies.  So Hannah sat down with the computer and researched dogs until she found one she thought was a good fit for our family.  Then she found a breeder nearby.  Please don't judge us for not going to the animal shelter to adopt a dog.  We had to be careful with the type of dog we brought home.  I know I have several friends who are against breeders.  I can see your point of view, but look at this way... Alex was already born and he had to have a home.

When we went to meet with the breeder, Alex was the only one left that hadn't been adopted yet.  I remember asking the lady if there was a reason why he was the last one.  She said no, but sometimes I really wonder.

Isn't he adorable...

He went from being this shy puppy to thinking he now rules our house.  We currently are at stand-off over his food.  He thinks he should be eating what we eat, and I am standing firm he needs to be eating his food.  Dog food because after all... he's a dog!  I don't think he knows he's a dog.

He is pouting because I'm refusing to give him part of my sandwich.

When I told him to move so I could sit down, he goes to the other couch to pout.  I was watching The Dog Whisperer, so he started watching it also.  I don't think he learned anything.  I don't know if he's going through the rebellious teenage years or what, but he's wearing me out.

He barks the whole time the lawn is being mowed... and the whole time our neighbors mow their lawn.  He barks when he's hungry and refuses to eat his food.  He thinks if he barks long enough I'll give him what he wants.  I admit, I have before but I'm trying to not give in to him.

He barks... A LOT!!!  And his bark is ear piercing!!
He can be the sweetest dog ever.  He loves to lay right next to you and has to be touching you at all times.

But then...

He can be a terror!!  Any suggestions on how to improve his behavior and make him more obedient????

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