Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Does It Mean to Glory in Christ Jesus?

For 2 weeks my bible study group has chewed on this question.  We've dug deep into scripture.  I have 2 pages of notes and scripture references written in my notebook.  However, today if you asked me this question I would stammer around trying to give you an answer.  Outside of the group I have pondered, read over the notes and scripture references written in my notebook and asked the Lord to reveal to me what exactly this means.  I have learned over time that God doesn't always give us immediate answers.  Sometimes the answers don't come easy either.  I believe this is one of those times.

Last night this question started weighing heavy on my heart... well, it was actually about 2 a.m.  I got out my notes and my bible and started reading.  This passage kept standing out to me...

Psalm 105
 1 Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name;
    make known his deeds among the peoples!
Sing to him, sing praises to him;
    tell of all his wondrous works!
Glory in his holy name;
   let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice!
Seek the LORD and his strength;
    seek his presence continually!
Remember the wondrous works that he has done,
   his miracles, and the judgments he uttered
He kept bringing me back to this passage.  Every time I would read it, something one of the ladies shared this past Wednesday kept coming to my mind. 

One of the ladies in our group is going through a tough time.  She has some big decisions that need to be made and she's confused and scared.  I think she even feels a bit alone.  She shared her struggles with us, and we loved on her for awhile.  We offered advice, offered our help and prayed for her.  And prayed for her some more.  Several of the ladies said a prayer for her aloud.  When we were done another lady in our group, who rarely speaks up in bible study, said she had something she wanted to share.  I am going to paraphrase what she had to say.

She told us there was a time when she was so anxious about something she didn't even know how to pray.  She was just one big ball of nerves.  She had a very close relationship with her father and he is no longer here.  I get the sense she was a daddy's girl.  She talked about she how she would crawl up into his lap, and he was able to make her feel like everything was going to be okay.  It occurred to her, why not do the same with her Heavenly Father?  She asked Him to just wrap His arms around her so she would feel He was right there.  She made the decision to not think about what had her so upset, but rather she was only going to rest in the arms of her Heavenly Father.  When she laid down in her bed that night, it was like she literally could feel Him holding her.  She fell asleep resting in His arms and had the most peaceful sleep she had ever had.

When she shared this with us it was much more beautiful than how I've typed it out.  This came from a woman who is timid when it comes to sharing things in a group.  Knowing the courage it took for her to speak up gave it weight, this was clearly from the Lord.  He had laid this upon her heart to share.  She shared it for the benefit of the one who had broken down in front of us, but I know every lady in that room saw the glory of our Lord as she spoke.   The expression on her face showed how peace filled and loved it made her feel.  Not even her earthly father could have given her the depth of her Heavenly Father's peace.

Every time I think about what she said tears will start streaming down my face.  It's one of the most beautiful things I ever heard anyone say.  When I have prayed for others, I have often asked the Lord to wrap His arms around them so tightly they can feel His presence.  Not once have I ever prayed this for myself.  I have had said I can't wait to get to heaven so I can crawl up in Jesus' lap and know every thing is okay, but I don't know why I haven't prayed for Him to wrap His arms around me when I'm anxious, hurt and lonely.

I don't have the same relationship with my father she had with hers, but the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father far outweighs any relationship I will ever have on this earth.  Nathan has a way of making me feel safe.  Just having him near me makes me know everything is going to be okay.  But even the safety I feel with him doesn't compare to the safety I have with God.

Resting in the arms of Jesus.  Having complete peace in your heart, mind and soul He has everything worked out and everything is going to be okay.  Waking up and realizing His mercies are new every morning.  He's as faithful when you wake up as He was when you fell asleep.  He still has you held tightly and will never let you go.  Knowing these things and praising Him for them.  Singing those praises so loudly that all those who are around you can hear.

Well, I think that's glorying in Christ Jesus.


  1. Reading this blessed me so much, Robin! I've had sort of a rough week, so this'll be my prayer tonight, and as I wake up on the Lord's Day tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Sarah! I'm so sorry your week has been rough. I pray for you every day, so I'll be sure and pray for a better week.

  3. Wonderful post Robin! That's why the Bible says we can call our Heavenly Father "ABBA" literally..."Daddy"! Such comfort in those verses and in that thought of our loving heavenly father!