Friday, August 12, 2011

She's Always Known She is a Cheerleader

Since kindergarten Hannah has talked about how should could not wait to be a cheerleader.  Since the age of 5, she's had it all planned out.  7th grade would be the year.  It's the first year she could cheer for her school.  She has always said, When I become a cheerleader.  It's never been, If I become a cheerleader.  It has never been an option in her mind she might not be one.  That's one of the things I love about her.  Her determination.  All of her 6th grade year she talked about how try-outs were at the end of the year, and then she would say, Next year when I'm cheering..."  Sure enough...

Tonight was her first football game to cheer.  She has been so excited!  Earlier today was the first pep rally at school.  One of the great things about having daddy teach at the same school is I get to see pictures.

It's so hard to believe she is already in the 7th grade.

See that curly pony tail?  Those curls were so white she looked like she had a cotton ball on top of her head just yesterday it seems.

I love that this happened right before the game began.  Yes, prayer has to be student initiated.  What a bold statement for this group of young girls to make in front of their classmates.  There was another young lady who said a prayer before the game began over the loud speaker.   I think it's amazing.  In a time when our kids are made fun of and often bullied because of their beliefs, it brings me to tears they are still not ashamed to boldly say, " Jesus' name.  Amen!"  And standing right there with them is their coach.  She very well could have stood off to the side and used the excuse the prayer was for the students.  Instead she stood with them and held their hands.  That folks is a true leader in my book.

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