Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's a Sad Day

The weather is dreary right now.  It goes along with my mood.  In a couple of hours I'm having lunch with Connie.  This afternoon she will be moving.  My heart is broken and I am a bit of a weepy mess this morning.  I hope the tears will stop long enough to have a fun lunch.  After all, it's not a good-bye lunch.  Someone said to me this week that some friends are just for a season.  I not so politely let her know Connie is my forever friend.  Always and forever!  At least she will be close enough I can take a day trip to go for a visit and can even arrange it to where I could see Robyn all in the same day.  And she's also far enough away that I could justify an overnight visit.

I'm going to miss having you so close...oh, and you too, Joey. : )

Love you so much!

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