Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hannah's Latest Project

I wish I had a heart like Hannah.  She has such heart of mercy, service and giving.  Her mind is constantly moving trying to decide what her next project is going to be.  How can she help someone?  She seems to have a way of rallying people together to give to whatever she's decided to do.  And her theory if someone decides not to participate?  Tough for them that they missed out on blessing someone.

One day during Vacation Bible School she went missing for a little while.  When she came back I asked her where she had been.  "I went to talk to Pastor Caleb because I want to collect diapers for the Cookeville Pregnancy Clinic the whole month of July.  I wanted to know if it was okay for me to put a box in the hallway at church."  So, for all 5 Sundays throughout July she collected diapers.  She collected from our church, family, friends and even some of the ladies that teach with Nathan.  She even had someone our family knows buy them and leave with her Pa at Krogers.  The look on her face was precious every time someone gave her diapers to add to her stash.  It wasn't a look of look what I've done.  She would just smile and say, "I'm so glad people are helping."  I really do wish I were more like her.

Yesterday the 4 of us headed over to the clinic to drop off what she collected.  This is she and Nancy, the director of the clinic, standing next to part of what she delivered.

They were completely out of the sizes Hannah had collected, and providentially at the same time we were there, a lady was there to get diapers in one of the sizes Hannah took.  God's timing is always perfect.  They are in great need of diapers.  They were almost out of all sizes.  I know they would appreciate having much more donated to them.  Would you?

After all the diapers were carried in, Nancy gave Nathan and the girls a tour.  I sat in a chair trying to recoup a little from walking into the building.  As I was sitting there, I could hear Nancy talking to my girls.  She was giving them a talk about she didn't want to see them at the clinic unless they were walking in the door to volunteer or to bring a friend who needed help. : )  It made my heart swell to hear them talking to her about wanting to come and volunteer sorting clothing, etc.  Sara had the opportunity to help at a CPC when she was with the youth group on a mission trip in June to Philidelphia.  She came back saying she wanted to do that here.  This was her opportunity to talk to Nancy about it.

This is me and my sweet, treasured friend.  This is a horrible picture of me, but it's with my friend that I love dearly.

Love you, Nancy.  Thank you for giving of yourself to help so many people.  You are precious to me!

I'm totally serious when I asked if you would be willing to drop diapers off to the clinic.  Even one pack would be greatly appreciated.  Maybe you could even follow Hannah and collect diapers. 

p.s.  Stay tuned for Hannah's next project.  She already has it picked out. : )

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