Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Randomness Runnig Through My Head

The past several days have been super busy.  I am so tired that it actually takes effort to breathe.  I keep hearing the voice of a friend saying, "Don't over do it like you did last year and make yourself miserable."  Apparently I didn't take her wise advice.  I would definitely define the way I feel this morning as miserable.

The med adjustment Dr. Peltier made at my last visit is not working.  It's actually greatly increased my pain.  The new med should have started working by now, but all it's doing is making me dose off at the most inopportune times.  It's actually been embarrassing.  Not to mention I start snoring even before I'm actually asleep.  This morning I can't seem to get my pain level under control.  Darryl has done a couple of other med adjustments.  He's increased my Lyrica back to the dose I was taking, but it hasn't helped yet.  I'm just miserable.

And overwhelmed.  I am so far behind on being prepared for Christmas.  I STILL have my Fall tablecloth on the dining room table.  My mind is racing in circles with all of the things that are left to be done.  Things have just been super busy and when I have time to get some things done, I just am too tired to move.  We never actually had Thanksgiving dinner, so maybe we will just combine Thanksgiving with Christmas.  I may just leave the Fall tablecloth on the table.

I am too tired to try to write this post where the paragraphs flow together.  So I'm going to do this in list form.

1.   Today is my twin brothers' birthday.  They are younger than me, and I am bossier than them.  They may be 37 now, but they will always be my little brothers.  It's weird thinking of us as old as we are now.  It seems like it was just yesterday that we were playing Dukes of Hazard and using the black chair in our living room as the General Lee.

Happy Birthday, Lannie and Jason!  I love you!!

2.   This is our Christmas card this year.  I wasn't going to do one because we were so late getting our pictures done, but I couldn't sleep one night.  So at 3:00 a.m. I put it together.

I have not mailed any of them out yet.  I have handed a few out in person though.  I need to sit down and finish them.  Maybe I should have done a "Happy New Year" card instead.  I might have had a better chance of getting them out on time.

3.   I had an eye appointment yesterday for my yearly check-up.  What should have been easy breezy turned out to be quite stressful.  My left eye does some weird stuff at times.  It tends to move when it's not supposed to, and I get double vision.  The corner of it is numb, but so is my part of the left side of my face.  My eye doctor is a very calm, laid back guy, so when I seen him get a little concerned I became greatly concerned.  I was almost in panic attack mode.  He would do the, "which is better ... this one or this one?" exam and then shine that bright light in my eye.  Then he would pull up the pictures they had taken of my eyeball in the other room.  He kept doing this over and over, and then told me he needed to do additional testing.  I'm not sure what all he said after that.  All I heard was "I'm concerned about the eye muscle", and "We may need to clip one of the muscles in your eye".  I tend to only pick up on the negative parts my doctors say, and that would be why I almost always make someone go in the room with me.  I didn't take anyone with me because I thought this was a no big deal appointment.  Sara was the one who had driven me there because she had an appointment at the same time I did.  She was in the other room having her exam done, so I couldn't ask her to come take notes.  Turned out to not be as bad as he was concerned it would be.  My left eye is considerably weaker than the right, and it is because of the CIDP.  He went and did some quick research while I was there and discovered it wasn't uncommon for it to happen.  There isn't anything that can be done at this point to fix it.  He did adjust my prescription hoping it might help, but if it gets to the point where my eye won't readjust we will have to consider clipping one of the eye muscles so one of the others will be forced to take over.  Hopefully that won't happen.  Ugh!  I can't stand the thoughts of it!!

4.   Tuesday I went with Mary to pick up her daughter and friend who had spent a few days visiting Connie and her family and some other friends who live in the same town.  We stopped and picked up a couple of other friends to ride with us and we met Connie and the girls a little over half way for lunch.  We ate at the cutest place.  I felt terrible but I had the best time.  We laughed so hard we were in tears.  I think we were a bit too loud for all of the folks around us because we kept getting looks.  We also teared up listening to one of sweet friends share her heart over what the Lord is teaching her about contentment.  It was such a precious day!

5.   Yesterday afternoon the girls and I went to visit my cousin and her new baby girl.  I think we might have overstayed our welcome.  We lost track of time we were enjoying ourselves so much.  My aunt was there and it was great to just sit and visit.  Zadie Beth is such a cuddle bug.  Her big brother and sister are so cute with her.  Hannah got to feed her, and she and Sara argued over who's turn it was to hold her.  I almost didn't go I was so tired and hurting, but I am so glad I did!  I love watching Heather with her kids.  She is such a good mommy!

6.   I have forgotten all the other things I had to say.  All I can seem to concentrate on is the shocking fire running through my feet and legs.  And it's raining now.  That's not going to help the situation at all.

Have I mentioned lately how much I despise CIDP?!?!

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