Monday, December 12, 2011

Picture Perfect

I love pictures.  Especially photos of my girls.  I love looking back and seeing how much they've grown and remember sweet, precious moments in their lives.  When they were born their first "studio" picture was taken at 6 weeks, then 10 weeks, again at 3 months and then every 3 months following for their first year ... plus holidays, not to mention the hundreds of photographs we took at home.  After their first year, I slowed down to every 6 months.: )  We also had family photos made at least once a year.  For some reason I failed to have some taken a couple of years before getting sick.  After having a "life-threatening" experience I realized how fragile life was and how important it would be to have those.

My friend Ginger Dunn is one of the most talented photographers I know.  Amazing doesn't even do her justice.  She usually takes photos of nature and had never done family portraits.  I convinced her to do ours and they were fabulous.  Just how I had expected them to be.  Since then, she has been the one to do our pictures.  However, this year we had a different friend do them, and I felt like I had "cheated" on Ginger.  I gave her the heads up and explained we had chosen to have Alissa do them because she and her husband we donating all of the sitting fees to our building fund at church.  So generous and precious of them.  Such an example of being sacrificial to the Lord.

Alissa and Tyler own Center Point Photography, and just like Ginger, they are amazing and so creative.  I am so overjoyed with how well our pictures turned out!  I am not so happy with how I look.  The weight I have put on since getting sick it very bothersome to me.  Nonetheless, I am so pleased with out photos.

Nathan's mom has wanted all of us to get together for pictures for a couple of years.  We had them done once and have tried for a couple of years now to get all 10 of us together to have them done again.  It just hasn't worked out, so we decided to just go with those that could this year.  I had them set up for the day before Thanksgiving and guess who got sick??  I had the worst stomach virus I have in a very long time, maybe my entire life.  Not only did I miss pictures, but I also missed Thanksgiving with my family.  Because my nephew lives out of town, I decided it was best to send everyone else and have our family done after I was better.  I missed out on the big family picture, but at least we were able to have my nephew in the pictures.

I am really hoping I can get my parents, brothers and their families together to have her do some pictures.  It may be this Spring though because Alissa is due to have a baby boy in about 2 weeks now.  I am so excited for them!!

Here a few of my favorites.  I posted a few on Facebook last night.  I cannot wait to get prints!

I think this is probably my favorite of the 4 of us.

 This is what the plaque says we are holding.  I love this plaque.  I have bought several of them for gifts.

 I love, love this!!  I cannot believe they are that grown up already!!  And look at that lighting.

I love this picture of Nathan and the girls!

 I love them so much!!

This is Nathan's parents with all of the grandkids.  I am so glad they thought to put Boyd's hat on him.  I think it just adds something extra to the picture.

 This is one of the best photos of Lynn and Boyd.

Nathan's sister, Brenon, with her nieces and nephew.  I think this is so sweet!

 I love this one!

 That face! : )

I adore him!  He is such a character and super smart!!  He said he wanted his picture made with a tree.

 Nathan and is sister.  This is a really good picture of them.

 I have no words for that face!

I love this man more and more every day.

 Love this!  This quilt was made by a precious friend and all of the white blocks have verses from Psalms written on them.  Alissa asked me to bring this quilt so she could take this picture.  I had no idea it would turn out to be so beautiful.  This picture says so much without even saying a word.

Those are just a few of the pictures that I love.

Thank you, Alissa!  You did an amazing job.  And thank you, Tyler and Tara for helping her out.  Thank for giving up an additional day of your time to make up for the day I couldn't be there. 

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  1. These are precious, Robin! Great captures of a sweet many great expressions and love that sign!!