Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday To My Dad!!

Today is my dad's 70th birthday.  Although he's not my biological father, he's still my dad.  Don married my mom when I was 15 and my brothers were 13.  Some might call him crazy for marrying someone with 3 teenagers, but it didn't bother him.  In fact, he loved us from the beginning and has never once referred to us as his "step-children".  It's always been "this is my daughter and these are my sons".

When I had Sara, I went to stay at my mom's for a few days after I left the hospital.  Our first night there Sara was laying in her craddle in the living room.  Without saying a word, Don got up from his chair, walked over and picked her up and then laid her on his lap when he sat down.  He just sat there and held her for the longest time.  I think that was the moment they bonded and they've had a special relationship ever since.

This is Sara's current Facebook status ...

"Today is my Pa Don's birthday. I can't even begin to count the reasons why he is so special to me because there are too many. He's kind hearted, friendly, funny, caring, loving, sweet, compassionate, and simply amazing. I'll never forget the day that we were in Wal-Mart a few years ago and he looked at a lady that he went to high school with, put his arm on my shoulder, and said, "This is my oldest grandbaby. I'm really her step-grandpa but I just call her my granddaughter and she calls me her grandpa." He's given me so many memories and I would not trade them for the world. When I look for a future husband, I want him to have the qualities that Pa Don has. I am incredibly blessed and so proud to call him my grandpa. I love you, Pa Don. Happy 70th Birthday!"

Beautifully said, Sara.

Happy 70th Birthday, Don!  I love you! 

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