Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tonight You are Queen, Forever You Are a Princess

Hannah girl,

Burks 2012 Homecoming Queen!  Your mama is so excited for you!!  Today has been so fun, and I'm so grateful the Lord allowed me to have a front row seat.

Hannah, my prayer for you is you realize what an opportunity the Lord has given you.  Your classmates, your friends, your family will all be watching you and how you handle the gift you have just been given.  I pray you stay humble.  I pray you use this opportunity to show all of us around you that this crown you have just been given is a gift from the Lord Jesus.

Hannah, there is no crown that could ever be placed upon your head that will ever compare to the crown that was placed upon the head of Jesus.  His crown didn't sparkle and shine.  His crown was full of thorns that caused Him to bleed and suffer for your sins.  And because of the crown He wore as He died upon the cross, you will always be a princess.  A daughter of the King of Kings.

I pray you don't look at this as a popularity contest you have just won.  Hold your head high, Hannah girl, and show them Jesus.  Show those who are watching you Who lives inside of your heart.

We achieve nothing without Him.  Being Homecoming Queen will one day fade away, but being a child of the King is for eternity.  You will always be a princess, and that is far better than being a queen.

I love you so much.  But my love is nothing compared to how much Jesus loves you.


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