Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Favorite Blogs

When I became sick I started reading blogs.  I already read a couple of blogs before getting sick, but after spending hours with only being able to sit, I rapidly grew a long list.  You can see only a few of those in the side bar of my blog, but I have even more bookmarked.

I started reading Kelly's Korner about 2 1/2 years ago.  Somehow I landed on her blog the very day her oldest daughter was born and almost died.  This week she's doing a link up of favorite blogs, so I decided I'd participate.  Quite obviously, her blog is one of them. : )

I love reading the blogs my friends write.  It's neat way to see into their lives.  Most all of them are listed in my sidebar.

Bring the Rain is probably one of my very favorites.  I can't tell you how many times Angie's writing has blessed me.  There have been so many times the words she has written have been something I seriously needed to hear.  She writes so beautifully.  And is totally in love with Jesus!

I also love, love The Pioneer Woman.  Her blog has so many different aspects to it, but my favorites are her confessions and her recipes.  I finally bought her cookbook and it arrived last week.

Boomama always seems to make me laugh out loud.  Enough said.

Big Mama also makes me laugh.  

Another Ordinary Miracle just makes me see more and more how gracious and merciful our Lord is to us.  Adrienne and her husband adopted a little boy from Russia.  She's experienced multiple miscarriages.  Had 2 failed adoptions.  Adopted a little girl from Korea.  Was out of the blue given the opportunity to adopt the little boy from one of the failed adoptions.  And finally delivered a little boy who was born very premature.  Despite multiple medical issues, he's now home and thriving.  She has been so transparent.

And I absolutely love His Doorkeeper.  She is Kelly's mom.  It such a blessing to read how she loves her family.  I love reading about how excited she gets when someone comes to Jesus.  I always smile reading her blog.

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