Monday, July 25, 2011

When Two Loves Become One

I have a love for Sonic.  I'm really hoping God puts one right next door to me in heaven.  My friends bring me a Sonic drink when they come for a visit.  My homehealth nurses have even brought them to me.  When I've had doctor appointments that haven't gone as I would have wished, Sonic is the first place we head.  It's the stop we make on the way home from treatments.  Sometimes we head to Sonic just so I can get out of the house.

My friend Deborah has a love for Sonic also.  So much so that one of her twin boys called her out.  She picked me up one day so we could have Sonic and visit.  As she pulled into the parking place, Micah starts swinging his legs and doing the hand signals for more while he was saying more, more over and over.  I laughed so hard and asked her exactly how often does she really go to Sonic. : )  I think the boys are developing a love for Sonic too.  They love having the cups and straws, so she gets them ice water and they are happy as can be.  So adorable!

I used to think nothing could top a Sonic coke.  Seriously.  I'm pretty addicted to their lemon slush too, but a Sonic coke is a Sonic coke.  I love sweet tea, but even the best sweet tea could never beat out a Sonic coke.

Until I had Sonic sweet tea!  In all the years I have been going to Sonic, I had never had their sweet tea.  I don't know why.  I guess because I figured why mess with a good thing?  Sonic was the best place to get my coke or a lemon slush, and if I had a hankering for sweet tea I'd get it from McDonalds or Strouds.  Strouds is a local BBQ place and they have some good tea also.

Friday night my love for Sonic and my love for sweet tea became one.  We had been at couple's wedding shower for my cousin.  It was a Luau and let me tell you the weather certainly made it feel authentic.  I know the heat index had to be 120 degrees.  Nathan knows me well and knew I'd want to stop for a Sonic drink.  I had every intention of getting a lemon slush, but once I got there and saw the advertisement for sweet tea I thought I give it a try.

That sweet tea was the best.  Just as sweet as I like it and mixed with Sonic ice made me want to do a happy dance... well, you know, if I could dance.  Some day I'll dance.  When I get to heaven and I'm next door at Sonic drinking my sweet tea with all of my friends. 


  1. haha this makes me laugh:) I am looking forward to our next sonic date! You can count on me to be in heaven drinking sonic coke with you:) love you!

  2. I laugh every time I think about Micah's happy dance! It makes me happy you will be in Heaven drinking a Sonic coke with me. Connie will be right there with us drinking a lemon slush. I've gotten her hooked on those. Looking very forward to our next Sonic date also. Love you too! I am so grateful we always have so many laughs together