Friday, July 22, 2011

Making Peace Continued further...

It really is impossible to know how the Lord will use something He's working on in my heart to stir up the work in someone else.  It's so hard to take a deep breath and admit, this is something I'm struggling with in my heart to be able openly share it.  It can be embarrassing and makes me vulnerable.  But tonight as I sat with two of my cousins and they shared their hearts with me after reading what I've written, God was whispering in my ear, You are not alone and now they know they aren't either.  Each of our situations are different, but the struggle is still the same.  We need God's grace, and we need His wisdom.

As I sat and watched everyone visit tonight, the Lord pointed out to me so many hurts He has healed and relationships that had been reconciled.  Sure there are those things that are still "works in progress", but the thing to hold on to is He is at work and progress is being made.  Praise Him that there's still hope for me!

Thank you, Lord for giving me an unexpected evening that became a visual reminder to me of your mercy, love and grace.

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