Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Praying for Baby Mary

As I begin this post, surgery is to begin on our friends' newborn daughter, Mary Elizabeth.  I'm asking you to take a moment to pray, and every time she comes to your mind, pray again.

Around 20 weeks of pregnancy a routine ultrasound revealed she had issues with her heart that would require surgery if she survived the pregnancy.  Later on in the pregnancy, they discovered there are also issues with her airway.

First of all, her surviving birth is a miracle.  Looking at statistics., chances were slim.  They were told she may not even survive the pregnancy, and if she did, she might not make it out of the delivery room.

God is so much bigger than statistics.  He's not a god of chances.  He is sovereign.  He has a perfect plan for Mary's life.  She has a life of much purpose.

As I look at pictures of this beautiful baby girl, all I can see is Jesus.  Jesus, the healer.  Jesus, the miracle worker.  Jesus, the giver of life.

No one knows what His plan is from here.  We are praying she survives surgery, and that the doctors are able to correct the issues with her heart and airway.  We are praying she is protected from infections or complications from surgery.  We are praying she is healed.

We've already seen God answer so many prayers.  Step by step, moment by moment.  I have become increasingly aware of His grace and mercy.

And pray for her parents, Kandice and Landon.  I really can't imagine going through anything harder in life than what they are walking through right now.  They've been so honest about their fears, and still they are trusting the Lord.  They are trusting Him and praising Him.

Not only have they been such a blessing to me, I've heard so many people say the same.

This will be a very long day for them.  Please pray Kandice is able to quickly recover.  Pray that they continuously feel the Lord's presence with them through every moment of this day.

Mary is only 2 days old, and already the Lord has used her in such a mighty way.

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