Saturday, January 12, 2013


** Landon posted an update just after I wrote this.  You can read it here.

I seem to constantly be checking email, Facebook and CaringBridge looking for the next update on precious Mary Elizabeth.  I can't get her off of my mind.  Yesterday was a step backwards.  The last I read, and when I talked to Landon yesterday, the doctors were thinking she was going to have to be put on the ECMO.  It's a machine that works for the heart and lungs.  I haven't heard yet if she definitely was put on the machine, but last I heard yesterday it was more likely than not she would be put on it.

You can read the latest update here.

So many of us want to do something to help.  I find myself trying to think of things we can do.  As humans we always want to "do" something.  I know praying is the greatest thing I can be doing for Mary, but my human heart just can't seem to accept that's enough.

When you love someone, you want to fix their hurt.  This is one of those times I can't be the fixer.

But I know the One who is.

So, I pray.  Constantly.  Sometimes it's only a few uttered words in my heart.  Other times it's a long conversation with Jesus.

There are so many things we can be praying for ...

Pray Mary heals quickly.  That she is protected from infections.  That the doctors would easily be able to find the balance of the amount of fluids she needs and to protect her heart from fluid building around it.  Pray her heart strengthens.

Pray for wisdom for her team of doctors and nurses.

Pray for Landon and Kandice.  Pray the Lord would wrap Himself around them so tightly that they feel His presence every moment.  Pray they would also have wisdom about decisions that need to be made.  Pray for rest.  Rest for them physically and emotionally, and that spiritually they rest in Jesus.  Pray Kandice continues to heal without any complications.  Pray for strength, mercy and grace.  Pray for their torn hearts ... they want their whole family together. They miss their other children.

Pray Landon and Kandice are protected from the many illnesses that are floating around.  And Mary too!

Pray for their 4 other children.  They are with grandparents and doing well.  Pray the Lord would prepare their hearts for whatever His plan may be.

Pray for those taking care of the children.  Pray for strength and grace.

Pray for those of us who love them and want to help.  Pray for wisdom so we will know how best to help them.

Just pray.

Someone (I think it was Scotty Smith) posted on Twitter last week, "Sometimes the greatest prayer we can pray is simply, "Help"."

There is nothing greater we can do for someone than to carrying them to Jesus.  I'm asking you to do continue to do that for the precious baby and her family.

Tomorrow we will be collecting snacks and bottled water to put together a basket for Landon and Kandice.  I also would love to fill the basket with handwritten notes and cards for them.  Notes of love and encouragement, and even prayers and scripture written out that are being prayed for them.  If you would like to contribute, let me know.

And please, continue to pray.

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