Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 3: Today I Thank Jesus For ...

Last week my sister-in-law was unexpectedly given tickets to the CMA Country Christmas taping at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.  The taping for was Saturday night, and she called to offer to share her gift with us.

I was hesitant about going.  Just going to church can sometimes wear me out for days.  Plus, my legs just can't handle a lot of walking.

Saturday night was a perfect example of how the Lord cares about every single detail of our lives.

Nathan was able to drop us off a few feet from the door.  The way our tickets read it was hard to determine where our seats were, so we asked a nice man to help us out.  We learned our tickets were actually for a suite, and it was located about 20 feet to left of escalator we were to take right in front of us.

I probably didn't have to take a total of 100 steps to get to our seats.

I had such a great time Friday night.  It was so fun and there were moments some of the music caused the hair on my arms to stand up.  It was absolutely beautiful.

I am grateful for the opportunity we were given to be able to attend the taping, and I cannot wait to see it on TV and see how they edit it.  I am so, so exhausted, but it was well worth it.

But I am even more grateful for my sister-in-law and her willingness to share with us what she had been given.  She's the type of person that thinks of her family first when a fun opportunity arises.  She is a blessing to us in so many ways.

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