Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We All Need To Know We Matter

Yesterday I waded my way through a stack of mail that had grown on my coffee table and found myself in tears.  Normally the tears would have been over the amount of bills in the stack.  Sometimes the frustration I've had the past few months because I can't get seem to get my coffee table cleaned off puts me in tears.  However, yesterday it was tears of thankfulness, joy and humility.  A lot of mail had been overlooked from the past couple of weeks because I had been so sick.  Hidden in between the bills and junk mail, unexpectedly I discovered envelopes that would bless my heart.  Four hand written thank you notes.

As I opened and read each note my heart was blessed more and more.  These were more than just "thank you" notes for gifts I had given and meals I had made.  Each note was written by a friend who took the time to tell me they loved me and how grateful they were for my friendship.  They gave specific reasons as to why and how I am a blessing to them.  I just sat and cried for the next half hour.


Because I was told I mattered to them.  I mattered.  My life was a blessing to them.  They weren't just thankful for the gift or the meal, they were grateful for me.  It was very humbling to read their words.  My heart was so grateful.

We all need to know our lives matter to someone.  I am certainly no exception to that.  Sometimes I desperately need to know it.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I often think of myself as a burden to those around me.  It's frustrating and makes me sad.  No one wants to be a burden.  I hate being dependent on others.  I miss my independence greatly.  I didn't even realize I needed to be told those things until I read the notes.  God's timing is perfect.  Most of those notes had sat in the pile for a week.  He had me read them at the very moment I needed them most.

As I waded further down the pile I discovered a card for Nathan and I that wasn't signed.  It was from someone within our church.  I know this because they had the lady who sends the cards out mail it to us.  When I opened up the card a gift fell out and the words in the card brought me to tears once again.

We mattered.  Someone cares and loves us.  Someone is praying.  I don't know who this was from, but know you blessed us beyond measure.  We are so grateful.  Thank you for showing us someone cares and love us.  We covet your prayers and are forever grateful for them.

A couple of hours later I was looking for something in the bible I had taken to church on Sunday.  I found yet another "thank-you" note another friend had handed me at church.  Once again, I was brought to tears.

Yesterday was a hard day for me for multiple reasons.  I had spent a good part of my morning crying out to God.  My heart was hurting over circumstances beyond my control that I had no idea how to fix.  I asked Him if He even cared.  He showed me He did.  He used my friends to show me that He cares enough to surround me with people who love me.  He cares enough to show me that despite my feelings, I not only matter to Him ... I matter to others.

If you haven't told those who you love and those who bless your life that they matter to you ... well, there is no better time than now.  What better time to express that then the season of Thanksgiving?

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