Saturday, November 15, 2014

Family Beach Photos

Last month we went to the beach with Nathan's parents and sister.  My father-in-law also told the girls they could each invite a friend.  I must say, Abby and Serena were the two perfect friends to invite.  They were so sweet and respectful ... and fun!

Sara and Abby were only able to stay with a for just a few days.  Their Fall Break was only a couple of days, so they came for an extended weekend trip.  Abby has started doing photography, so she asked if she could do our pictures while there.  I am a bit obsessed with pictures, so I was all about having Abby take them.

We were Abby's first family shoot, and I think she did a great job.  I just wanted to share a sampling of what she did for us.

 Oh, how I love these girls!

 Oh, SARA!

 The perfect jump shot!

 We have laughed so much at this picture!

 Hannah is always goofing off.  Ginger, our friend who normally does our family photos, can tell you how long a photo shoot takes with us because the girls can not be serious for very long.

 Boyd and Lynn will be celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary next month!

 I love sunset pictures at the beach!  Such a beautiful reminder of God's faithfulness.

Brenon hates having her picture made, but we made her anyway.

 Serena is so, so funny.  She kept us laughing all week.  She is such a precious girl.
 I had a random lady on the beach take a group shot of all of us.

 Love, love these girls!

 My three favorite people in the entire world!

 I am so incredibly grateful Sara and Hannah have a daddy who loves them unconditionally.  A daddy who they can trust and depend upon.  A daddy who points them to Jesus, and gives them such a wonderful example of how their Heavenly Father loves them.  He's a great daddy.

 Abby is such a sweetheart, and I love Sara and Abby's friendship.  In so many ways they are so different, but they celebrate those difference in each other.  And the sass these two can dish!  It's always so fun to spend time with these two.

 I have hundreds of random goofy pictures of these two I took during the week.

This was my first trip to the beach since I became sick.  Walking in sand with CIDP is so hard!  There were several times I almost fell, and by the time I made it to our chairs every day I was completely exhausted.  But it was so worth it.  I love the beach.  If I wasn't sitting on the beach, I was sitting on the balcony looking at the beach.  I am praying I don't have to wait so long before going back again.

Abby has a website she has started.  Be sure to check her out at  

Thank you so much, Abby, for taking our photos.  You did a fabulous job!

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